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Labia Sculpting Miami

Stem-Iris Labia Sculpting is a unique procedure developed by Miami’s own Dr. Bernard H. Stern as a way to beautify & reduce large, asymmetrical, thick, dark, bothersome labia minora. This innovative technique brings symmetry and beauty to the area. Surgery can correct irregularities including thickness, discoloration, and/or large”butterfly” shaped labia, and both aesthetics and function are important factors when it comes to this life changing procedure. Many women in Dade County have had their confidence renewed due to the rejuvenation techniques established by Dr. Stern.

Labiaplasty, or Labia Reduction, refers to surgery performed on the labia minora. This process not only has health benefits (such as improving hygiene), but it can also reinvent your sex life and restore your overall self-image. The procedure itself can correct a wide variety of issues, meaning that any woman with any number of concerns may benefit from labia surgery. We at Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami understand that satisfaction with the size or appearance of your labia minora is a sensitive topic and it is one that we take very seriously.

Florida’s Labia Expert

Cosmetic surgery performed on the most intimate of areas is a serious practice that requires acute attention to detail and compassion towards the client. Dr. Stern has improved many women’s lives with his Stem-Iris Labia Sculpting technique and the experts in our Southern Florida center are fully equipped to give you this life changing experience.

Dr. Bernard H. Stern has been in high demand as the popularity of his innovative procedure increases. This delicate labia sculpting surgery can be performed in combination with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures to leave you feeling confident about your most private of areas. The team at Elite Plastic Surgery understands that this process can have a great impact on our clients and we are available any time to answer questions you may have about your vaginal rejuvenation.

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Stem-Iris Labia Sculpting is a specialty of Dr. Stern in Miami. Please contact our office in Dade County today to schedule your one on one consultation.

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