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Vaginal Rejuvenation Miami

A Vaginoplasty is part of a group of procedures designed to create overall vaginal rejuvenation. These techniques are executed with a woman’s gratification in mind. Increasing or restoring sexual satisfaction can enhance your self-esteem, and the specialists at Elite Plastic Surgery in South Florida are ready to give you this life changing experience.

After several vaginal births, or even just sometimes due to the natural aging process, vaginal muscles can stretch and/or tear. Losing this strength and tone can result in a loss of control of the area, which decreases feeling during sex. Tightening, or “rejuvenating,” these muscles will return your vagina to a youthful, pre-pregnancy state, increasing your desire and giving you an enhanced sexual experience.

Dr. Bernard H. Stern and the team of experts at Elite understand that a decrease in sensitivity to your vagina may have had a dramatic negative impact on your sexual satisfaction. A Vaginoplasty performed at Elite will give you back these pleasurable feelings and change your future sexual experiences for the better.

Your Elite Rejuvenation Experience

We at Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami understand that your Vaginoplasty, or any other vaginal rejuvenation procedure, is a sensitive topic to be handled with care. Dr. Stern and Dr. Salama make up a group of the most experienced board certified experts in the business. During your consultation, your doctor will answer any questions you may have, and discuss with you any concerns regarding your Vaginoplasty.

Discretion is taken very seriously at Elite, and all gynecological surgeries performed at our center are done with delicacy and understanding. Restoring and rejuvenating your vagina increases your satisfaction, and nothing matters more to the specialists at Elite Plastic Surgery.

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Learning more about vaginal rejuvenation will help you understand how important muscle control is to your sexual gratification. For more information, please contact the experts at our center today, and schedule your appointment to meet with a world class surgeon in the Dade County, South Florida area!

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