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Vaginal Rejuvenation Center Miami

Local Leaders in their Field

Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami is the leader in vaginal rejuvenation and many other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Stern and Dr. Salama are board certified plastic surgeons who believe in a discreet and sensitive patient-centered practice. We at the Elite Plastic Surgery Center pride ourselves in the use and development of the most advanced and cutting edge techniques out there today. Southern Florida is a leader in the world of cosmetic surgery and it is because of Dr.’s Stern and Salama.

The Elite Experience

Our Miami team believes strongly in compassionate, patient-focused care and monitors our guests from the moment they walk in the door all the way through their recovery process. This ensures that you are receiving the safest, most successful surgical techniques available. Thousands of men and women every year sing praises about their treatment from Dr. Stern and Dr. Salama at our Elite Plastic Surgery Center. Women who undergo vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation especially appreciate the delicate one-on-one attention they get every time they visit our offices in Southern Florida. You can move forward with confidence knowing that you have chosen world renowned doctors to perform your upcoming surgery.

An Elite Plastic Surgery Center

Our Miami facility is in the Aventura Heart Building, conveniently located on the Aventura Medical Campus. This state-of-the-art center accommodates both our Elite Spa patients as well as those undergoing cosmetic surgery. You are sure to find our offices in Southern Florida calming and professional, easing your nerves about any future procedures. Our surgical facility is annually inspected for both quality assurance and regulatory standards, and questions and concerns are always welcomed by our highly knowledgeable staff.

Miami’s Finest Surgical Team

Elite Plastic Surgery is a leader in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic practices. Whether you are interested in hymenoplasy, labiaplasty, or a complete vaginal rejuvenation, the board certified plastic surgeons in Miami-Dade County are ready to give you the individualized care you deserve. Many other types of wonderful and life changing plastic surgeries happen at the Elite Plastic Surgery Center every day, as well. Experienced specialists are always available at our center to educate you on vaginal rejuvenation and many other types of cosmetic surgery. Come in today to see Miami’s Elite plastic surgery professionals: Dr. Bernard Stern and Dr. Moises Salama!

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